Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

Ron Miller : Scientific Projects Coordinator, BS, MRI

Ron has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and has worked for ten years at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine as a medical researcher at the Department of Physiology and Pathology. He has been an active member of the intactivist movement for over ten years and is a member of NOCIRC at the local level and attends their conferences whenever possible. He has attended the annual GIAW informational demonstration at the U.S. Capitol for the last ten years. Mr. Miller is the founder of NORM-Pittsburgh chapter and presently serves as its consultant.

Robert Van Howe, MD

Dr. Van Howe is a Medical Doctor of Pediatrics of the Marquette General Hospital in Minnesota.  Being a leading opponent of circumcision, he has published against circumcision and written extensively in support of children’s rights.  He has published many articles on the topic of genital integrity for over 15 years. He also attends and speaks at the symposium on genital integrity. His experience further includes training at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and Milwaukee Children’s Hospital as well as earning his BA degree from Stritch School of Medicine.

John Newkirk, PhD

Dr. Newkirk is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and operates the Columbia PC clinic in Columbia, South Carolina. After obtaining his PhD from the Department of Biochemistry at Wake Forest University, he received his MD from Northwestern University School of Medicine and trained in general surgery at the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center and Loyola University. He completed training in plastic surgery at Foothills Hospital, the University of Calgary.

Ken Drabik, MB

Mr. Drabik is a Senior Research Technologist at the University of Chicago. He has campaigned for human rights around the world and his expertise led him to assist in the making of the movie Cut, which discusses the issue of male circumcision.


Erik Van Ingen, Fabio Aiello, Andrea Anzellotti

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