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For Potential Participants

© Dotbenjamin (flickr.com/photos/dotbenjamin)

We are glad you are interested in becoming a participant
in one of our future clinical trials. Much is still to be known,
but when the time comes, you will be given full disclosure
and will retain full autonomy if you choose to participate.

foregen’s principal work is to promote and fund a clinical trial that will result in the regeneration of the male foreskin.

We are currently engaging in dialogue to discuss possible proposals for such a clinical trial with scientists worldwide.  Once we have finished ample pilot research, we will team up with the appropriate scientific personnel and fund a clinical trial.

A sufficiently large group of adult volunteers with specific characteristics (see below) will be needed to allow this pressing medical research to take place.

The trials will be controlled and have the proper governmental approval.  The trials will not be conducted by foregen personnel, but rather by medical professionals adhering to the highest ethical standards of practice and research.

Currently we are actively recruiting trial participants who are:

  • Males over the age of 18
  • Circumcised, but not otherwise suffering from other health problems

A clinical trial is estimated to take up to eight weeks, though not all of that period will be spent under medical supervision.  If you satisfy the above requirements and are interested in volunteering for this trial, we would be happy to hear from you. All medical care will be provided free of charge and you will be able to withdraw from the trial at any stage.

Volunteering for this clinical trial makes you eligible to benefit first from the most advanced medical technologies available for foreskin regeneration.  However, such participation, like all medical procedures, carries some risk.  foregen will not itself conduct the trial – this will be in the hands of the medical professionals with whom we will connect you. Those professionals will discuss with you the full range of options, possibilities, and dangers in order to assess your suitability for a trial. They will also, of course, need to obtain your full informed consent to participate in the trial.
Any person who indicates an interest is not under any obligation – if you lose interest, you will be removed from our list of potential participants upon request. (But we don’t think you’ll want to!)

Interested? To find out more, contact us.