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Become a Supporter

Become a Supporter!

If you are interested in funding the work of foregen, consider becoming one of our supporters. The annual membership fee is $50 (with an annually recurring subscription), and by signing up you will receive the latest updates on our work. Supporters receive info and updates that the general public do not have access to, as well as access to the Supporters Lounge in foregen’s online forum for the opportunity to voice your opinion and help shape foregen’s future.

What’s more, by adding yourself as a supporter, you show the world how many people are interested in genital integrity and regeneration. Each supporter helps us demonstrate to the world of biomedicine – and the world community – how damaging genital mutilation is and how important it is to address this injustice. Also, when you become a supporter, you can tell us your story and what it would mean to you to regain genital integrity for yourself or a loved one in your lifetime.

Membership Requirements:

  1. Members must be 18 years or older
  2. Payment of the $50 annual membership fee (this is an annually recurring payment)
  3. Adherence to the rules of conduct
  4. Members must provide foregen with their personal information (full name, address, telephone number)
  5. Approval by a foregen team member

Forum Rules of Conduct:

  1. All users must be at least 18 years old
  2. The topics discussed here will ONLY concern foregen-specific ideas, goals, and issues
  3. Please do not share personal stories here as there are other forums for this
  4. No insulting other members on the forum

Free subscriber membership: “I want to support foregen anyway.”

If you do not want to become a supporting member at this time, you can sign up for the free subscriber mermbership to gain access to the foregen Guest Lounge and to the results of the first experiment when they are ready.

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If you do not wish to register with foregen, but would still like to receive the results of foregen’s first experiment and occasional email updates, please fill out the form below.