Making Regeneration Possible

Dermal regeneration on levels never before possible

One of the great leaps forward for medicine at the beginning of the twenty-first century was made in regenerative medical technology. Medical science now has more power than ever before to bring about dermal regeneration on humans whose skin has been damaged by loss and trauma. Researchers have, in the past ten years alone, been able to restore the skin of a hand; regrow entire finger tips; re-line the oesophagus; remove scar tissue entirely and regrow normal skin; and, in animals, successfully to regenerate an entire penis. See our page on The Science of Regeneration for more on this.

The indications are therefore good for the restoration of other forms of tissue – such as the foreskin. Studies on foreskin fibroblasts have shown the extremely supple quality of the prepuce skin to be extremely amenable to regenerative techniques. Despite this, however, no trial has yet been performed to achieve regeneration of the human foreskin. Demands on medical science mean that until enough people ask for a solution to circumcision, biomedical institutes will work on other projects. Currently, foregen has the in-principle agreement of a biomedical facility to perform a trial provided the funds come from us.

foregen is of the view that the way for progress to be made for regeneration to become possible for circumcised men is via funding a clinical trial. You can read about making regeneration possible here, and help us by donating to our clinical trial fund.

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