An interview with Nickolas Kusturis, a major Foregen contributor

Foregen:Hi, can you introduce yourself?

Nickolas: My name is Nickolas Kusturis and I live in Canonsburg, Pa (about 25 minutes south of Pittsburgh). I really didn’t know what circumcision actually was when I got it done because growing up in a society that normalizes it, all you hear mostly are the lies and misinformation making it out to seem like it’s not that big of a deal or that it’s only a flap of skin. It’s scary when you realize how bad the people in society and culture can be lied to and brainwashed by misinformation.  I didn’t have the internet either at the time and that was the only place to get the correct facts and information since there is so much misinformation and lies about the subject. If I would have had the internet things probably would be different.

Foregen: Why did you get circumcised, and at what age did it occur?

Nickolas: I was circumcised around 18 years old.  At the time I had an older friend named Dan (weâ're not friends anymore though) that was actually intact and he actually was always saying how much better it would be to get circumcised. He said I should do it because most people are like that and that I would like it better. I don’t know why though, he was telling me this but he didn’t get it done himself.  He had said that he was going to eventually get it done because if you don’t that you might have problems when you get older but he never ended up getting it done. That was strange. He might have had a circumcision fetish possibly now that I think about it, I don’t know. The whole thing is very bizarre looking back on it now that I know the truth. It’s not easy though to talk about because I find the whole thing very disturbing now. He called the doctor up though and made the appointment for me because he said he could help me. The doctor was in Pittsburgh, Pa (Shadyside UPMC hospital) and he was your typical pro-circumcision doctor. He didn’t tell me anything bad about circumcision. He never stated that there would be a difference in feeling and he said that I should have no problems with the circumcision so I had no idea what I really was giving up and how extremely different a circumcised penis was going to feel and function.  Circumcision is also a very taboo subject in societies and cultures that do this abuse because of all the lies and misinformation. They don’t want to admit that they have damaged generations and generations of men. Ignorance, denial, lies, and misinformation lets this cycle of abuse to keep happening. Thanks to the internet the truth has been put out there; before the internet people were left in the dark and not told the accurate information.  If men actually knew what was taken from them though and they could experience being intact, they would never try to defend and be ok with their circumcision. Guys in circumcising cultures and societies want to normalize their mutilation because it’s easier to do that than to face what actually happened to themselves.

Foregen: Can you tell us how you have been manipulated; was it the doctors, society, etc?

Nickolas: I would say the manipulation was a combination of a circumcising society, the doctor and my supposed friend that I don’t talk to anymore. I also didn’t have anybody around me at the time that I could turn to that was a good influence. No one around me tried to persuade me not to do it and never told me this would be an extremely horrible mistake. That’s why I wish I had the internet because if I did at least I could have got the correct information and facts and I wouldn’t have to have gone through the trauma. Since no one around me was helping me though with the correct information, I believed all the misinformation and lies about circumcision.

Foregen: Do you think that the doctor was envious of your intact penis?

Nickolas: Yes, I do think he had an envy to my intact penis because he seen something that he didn’t have. He didn’t try to persuade me not to do it and actually said that it would be a good choice. I think though a lot of these doctors who have no problem at all doing this to other people are victims and have a foreskin envy. That’s why they pass on this cycle of abuse. Most doctors that are circumcised at birth though have no idea what they are missing so they continue the cycle of abuse by spreading false information to patients.

Foregen: When did you find out about Foregen?

Nickolas: I found out about Foregen I think maybe about 1 or 2 years ago. I was very thankful and excited to hear that something like this was coming along because I always had wondered if there was a way to grow the foreskin back with stem cell regeneration. Having already did regular foreskin restoration (and completed it) I knew that you still couldn’t get a lot of the functions of the foreskin back with just foreskin restoration.  It was a little better because it helped undo a little of the damage (by covering the head with the restored foreskin for example) but there are still a lot of the functions you really could never get back with foreskin restoration (all the erogenous tissue and specialized nerves etc..). Foregen gave me a new hope that maybe I could eventually get back exactly what was lost due to the damage from my circumcision.


Foregen: Who was the person you have spoken with in Foregen?

Nickolas: I have spoken with Ron Miller; he started NORM in Pittsburgh and really was the first one to help me out the most with regular foreskin restoration so it only helped my trust with Foregen even more when he got involved. I really just always hoped for the best though with Foregen because I knew that if this would be successful it would be huge and would benefit so many people. I also want more than anything myself to have the normal functions of the foreskin back because getting circumcised was such an extremely traumatizing experience.

Foregen: What did you think about Foregen?  Were you suspicious about this organization?

Nickolas: I really wasn’t suspicious about the organization like some people in the intactivist movement. I always tried to be optimistic with it even though I heard from some people in the intactivist movement that they didn’t trust it. I also trusted the organization even more when my good friend Ron Miller became scientific projects coordinator.  Now that Foregen will eventually have their 501(c)(3) charity status in the U.S I have no doubts at all about Foregen being a legitimate and trustworthy organization.

Foregen: You have donated over $2,000 to Foregen.  Can you tell us why?

Nickolas:  I just try to donate and help out as much as I can because I want Foregen to be successful.  I donate money frequently or whenever I can and I donate whatever I can afford at the time. Sometimes I give as low as 10 to 15 dollars, sometimes 30, and sometimes 60 or 100 etc… Just whatever I can spare at the time. I want me and other guys to be helped from this damage done by circumcision. I do believe it will be eventually successful with re-growing the foreskin back. I believe with enough research that over time they will hopefully find a way because they already know how to grow back other body parts. They just never thought to research how to grow back the foreskin until Foregen came along because most guys are in denial or don’t complain because they have no idea what they are missing.

Foregen:  What would you say to circumcised men?

Nickolas:  Whenever regeneration is possible I think all circumcised guys should definitely do it and find out what they have been robbed of and missing because an intact penis is so much different from a circumcised penis. Knowing the difference myself I know that if any circumcised guy could experience being intact then they would NEVER want to go back to being circumcised.

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  1. Sri Juhe says:

    God bless you brother. I hope more men are enlightened and aware to these atrocities as you have become.


  2. Al says:

    You were lucky to have a foreskin in your adult life. The majority of us were cut and birth, and that, to me, is detestable. I will be supporting this program to the end, hopefully it will take off soon. Though, I don’t have any money to donate, is there any other way I could help out

    • bugzdood says:

      Go on twitter, myspace, facebook, google+, reddit, any other gosh darn social outlet you can think of and SPREAD IT AROUND! SPREAD IT AROUND LIKE WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILD FIRE

      • NeedAForeskinNow says:

        Dude I think why it hasn’t taken off yet is because to most men
        This is a very touchy, like who would support this, obviously circumcised people. So if u support it ur cut. it is the most humiliating thing to me knowing I’m cut. I would never talk about it, except here. I suggest we try to get more women to support us for a wider support group and so we feel less insecure talking about the issue

        • Jordan says:

          You have a great point, it is humiliating to be circumcised. Even if we get women to support us, we won’t have enough people. We need someone to start out small and let it spread from person to person until it is bigger. I went to my doctor the other day and I asked him if he had heard of Foregen, he hadn’t so I wrote down the site for him and I’m still waiting for him to get back to me.

        • Chris says:

          I agree that being circumcised is humiliating. So why do all these guys want to sit around complaining their whole life and do nothing about it? This is not 1970, it’s 2012. The technology needed to regenerate is basically here. So if a person is humiliated about being circumcised they should take action and do something about it (i.e. donate to Foregen).

          • Jordan says:

            The lack of money is what is stopping me from donnating. I am only 18 and I can’t make enough to pay for school, my personal needs like food, and then have enough left over to donnate to Foregen. I wish I could but that is one of the reasons I went to my doctor. He is anti-circumcision too so I though I could get him to refer anyone with the same problems as us to contact Foregen. I hope he gets back to me soon.

          • Russell says:

            Does anyone know how close they are to their goal yet? I want to know when they do reach their funding goal to do the surgeries, so I can follow what is happening. I hope this is the cure we have all been hoping for.

    • CJ says:

      For instance, you could participate in the Foregen event which involves distributing leaflets on campuses and/or simply put some on bulletin boards. There is a thread in the forum dedicated to that event. Unstoppable Jones is coordinating the event and is currently looking for more people.

  3. UnstoppableJones says:

    Whenever someone says hey you should talk to your doctor about that I say “i’ll pass, those are the same doctors who would tell me to get circumcised.” There are alot of other things we are brainwashed into, some of them even more frightening than circumcision. Once I started meditating and stopped watching tv I began to see and feel the real human “existence” and it isn’t what your doctor or the tv tells you.

  4. forseti says:

    Thanks for your willingness to share your story, Nickolas. This is the kind of story that shows how foregen could positively affect the lives of normal guys who want to have control over their bodies.

  5. David Simmons says:

    Thank you for this interview Foregen and Nick. Your generous contributions are admired Nick! Let’s continue along our way toward foreskin regeneration!

  6. Park says:

    We need a celebrity or a Millionaire..

    • Joe Tracy says:

      This is where its at. We live in celebrity hell. If celebrities do it and support it, every one else will too…this goes for everything, not just Foregen. I know the guy…Mark Wahlberg. Not only has he spoken about restoring, but he has a lot of really famous and rich friends, not to mention his personal fortune. If anyone who reads this knows him or is a friend of a friend of a friend, pass this along. All it takes is for 1 guy to see dollar signs and its on like donkey kong. How else did we get here in the first place?

      • Dody says:

        we waited to find out the sex of my kids until they were born but when i was pangnret the first time, i just assumed we would circumcise if it was a boy why? because that’s just what you did my husband is circumcised and i don’t have a penis so whatever right? i was concerned enough to know that we would hire a mohel to do the circumcision (i’d heard horror stories about hospital circumcisions) but i was still on board with doing itby the time i was pangnret with my second, i’d come across a lot more research and decided i did not want to circumcise when i approached my husband about it, he wanted to know why i sent him several links about circumcision (pros and cons) and asked him for feedback he never responded and my son is still intact not because i necessarily think circumcision is barbaric (though i don’t see how removing a piece of your child’s skin that has 20,000 nerve endings attached to it can be considered humane), but because i just don’t see the purposeand though i don’t have a penis like Jason, i do sleep with those who have them i’ve seen those with and without and it’s never made a difference to me maybe because i slept with men who bathed and were familiar with personal hygiene? girls have WAY more folds and crevices than boys do and we don’t cut on their genitals for cleanliness and while we’re on the topic um, it’s 2011 are people still having unprotected sex? because that SHOULD make the whole transmission of HIV/STDs (practically) a moot point and almost every woman i know (including myself) has had a UTI again, no one’s suggesting we cut on our genitals because of iti know this comes across as anti-circumcision but i’m not what i am is PRO-research i think it’s irresponsible to just blindly follow the masses because it looks better i would hope that on a decision as important as this, parents would make their decision based on informed research there’s plenty of it out there both for and againstultimately, it’s not my penis i don’t know whether my son will care that he’s not circumcised when he’s older but i do know that if i’d had him snipped, he’d never be able to get it back this way, HE can make the decision about HIS body and i’ll support him 110% either way

        • Margane says:

          Interesting, my son was also born in the Midwest, in Michigan with highest circ rate in the cuontry & conformity never came into question with us. Perhaps because I dated a man when I was in my early 20 s who was also from the Midwest & intact and he assured me no one had ever made fun of him. When I asked if he’d been teased he actually scoffed, who is going to make a comment to me about my dick?’ Implying, why are you even looking? That age old conformity argument is a total myth.

    • Bo says:

      “Park says:
      March 11, 2012 at 2:43 am

      ”We need a celebrity or a Millionaire…”

      I say we need a skilful litigator – and/or a skilful Futures trader to grow the kitty faster than this.

      • Cristiana says:

        was a joking egahcnxe between friends Eli and Russell Crowe and then attacked Crowe as being anti-Semitic.It all started when Eli and Russell who often tease each other on Twitter were joking about circumcision. Crowe tweeted, I love my Jewish friends. I love the apple and the honey and the funny little hats but stop cutting yr babies, adding, I’ll take attentive parenting over barbarism. Apparently a reporter from The Hollywood Reporter saw the egahcnxe and went after Russell with a headline that said he insults Jews. Eli tells TMZ, The headline blatantly attempts to make Russell look like an anti-Semite. It’s tabloid journalism at its worst. Eli adds, No one contacted either of us. It’s terrible. Russell is a great person and respectful of all religions. And, Eli says, The press is trying to terrify celebrities into not using Twitter. They want to show they can still ruin you. It’s sickening.

        • Movie says:

          Congratulations Skott, I’m so glad you were given the CHOICE. Which is the point of the whole intactivist moevnemt. Your CHOICE to cut your own genitals was awarded to you, and you CHOSE something that is being STOLEN from children. I have intact genitals and I have no desire to cut off my labia, my foreskin, or any other part of my genitals. If I decided to have cosmetic genital surgery some day, for whatever reason, that would be MY CHOICE. Intact genitals are a human right, and no person has the right to modify your body without your permission. I’m so glad you CHOSE something that so many people never had the opportunity to CHOOSE. Statistically, you are an anomaly since most people with intact genitals, male and female, never choose circumcision.

          • Sakurako says:

            So julius, why are they not also doing faelme circumcision to fight HIV as well? Few mention that faelme circumcision (labia and/or clitoral hood cutting), in two different studies, lowered faelme HIV by over 50% (similar to the original numbers reported for male circumcision). The fact is, the same types of tissue (with same cell types) and the same folds an moist places are involved. If we are talking about cutting off the prepuce of baby boys why not also talk of cutting off the prepuce of baby girls?If we are not talking about babies, I don’t care, men and women can cut off parts and engage in risky behavior all they want. However, it is wrong to cut off erogenous tissue of others. Male circumcision cuts off thousands of nerves and alters the human’s sensory system. That can be a choice of an adult, but should never be forced on a child.

    • Rej says:

      It would be easy for a willing celebrity to donate of least 200,000. If I were in that economic bracket I would do this without hesitation. I can’t understand why many celebrities against circumcision just aren’t putting up the dough.

  7. NCWilmington says:

    Thanks for your support Nicholas.

    I just saw a story on this study today…..perhaps the tide in medicine is turning toward more honesty about this barbaric violation.

    • Alyce says:

      Hugs4jack: No study has shown any protective efcfet of circumcision for men who have sex with men by far the greatest risk of HIV in the USA. And no US study has found any protective efcfet against infection between men and women.This South African study was of volunteers for circumcision. The circumcised men were found to be younger, more educated, less likely to be married and more aware of their HIV status than those who were not circumcised. That in itself may hold the explanation for the lower HIV rate, and nothing to do with circumcision. Being younger, the have had less opportunity to be infected. Being more educated, they may be more careful (as also shown by their greater awareness of their status). The same researchers found in 2001 that circumcision showed no protective efcfet.We should be very wary of the beguiling claim that circumcision itself is protective, after its sorry history as a cure in search of a disease, an intervention in search of an excuse.

      • Rittany says:

        I will say that conformity was the only resaon that we did consider circumcision because the rate is still almost 90% in our area (Midwest). We know of no other intact boys in real life except our nephew who lives on the West Coast. We have already spoken to our sons about the differences because they were teased by some friends, and I think everything is fine now, but it is difficult because we are somewhat isolated on this issue here. I agree that following the sheep is a ridiculous resaon to amputate healthy body parts from your children, and our boys will grow up and may live somewhere else someday, but I really hope that it will decline here too.

        • Umran says:

          These studies also sewohd that 3/4 of these young African men following circumcision did not use condoms. What this indicates is that a large majority of circumcised men in Africa now believe that they cannot acquire HIV and don’t use condoms, and it is just a matter of time before the HIV rate in Africa increases even more dramatically as a result of circumcision.In the U.S., where a majority of men were circumcised in the previous century, circumcision has not prevented HIV. There are lower HIV rates in Europe, where the vast majority of men are left genitally intact (not circumcised). These studies only reflect the biases of the pro-circumcision advocates who conducted them. Many of these researchers are white foreigners who are conducting studies on black men in Africa, studies that would be unacceptable elsewhere. They shouldn’t be taken seriously.

          • Viji says:

            How would you respond to these enctamalioxs? Ack! She has labia! Or, Ack! She’s not sown up! How about, Ack! She has earlobes! Or Ack! She has nipples! I think most people would respond by saying, Well, DUH. The foreskin is not a birth defect. Neither is it a congenital deformity or genetic anomaly akin to a 6th finger or a cleft. Neither is it a medical condition like a ruptured appendix or diseased gall bladder. Neither is it a dead part of the body, like the umbilical cord, hair, or fingernails.The foreskin is not extra skin. The foreskin is normal, natural, healthy, functioning tissue, with which all boys are born; it is as intrinsic to male genitalia as labia are to female genitalia.The reason any woman would say Ack! He has a foreskin! is that she has been conditioned by the society in which she lives to abhor the natural human body.And, actually, if you go to countries where female genital cutting is the norm, you will find the men utter phrases such as Ack! You are not sunat! (Not incised in the traditional manner.) Or Ack! She’s not sewn up! (In some countries women’s vulvas are sewn up in a process called infibulation. ) In these cases, we wouldn’t think that there was anything wrong with the women; something was wrong with the observer.Americans, Jews, Muslims and African tribesmen need to come to grips with the fact that traditions of forcibly cutting the genitals of children is slowly fading, and that their idea of normal is actually a contrived, forced, artificial phenomenon.It is having a foreskin which is actually normal and natural, not the other way around.I’m so glad people in the Western world are finally waking up and facing the facts.THANK you for this article.

  8. CircUsMinimus says:

    Great Interview. This is a great way to spread the word that there are normal guys who aren’t obsessed or hysterical (like all the ad-hominem attacks against anti-circ folks would have you believe) We simply don’t want to be part of the cut crowd. Thanks for setting an example Nickolas.

    I’m really worried about the upcoming AAP report about new data and “health benefits”. They disregard the children’s rights completely.

  9. Rej says:

    It’s not as if we are asking millionaires to be the guinea pig because there are plenty of those. Once the experiments is fulfilled, they would reap the same benefits as everybody. Calling out to elite athletes, and actors. Over and out.

    • Amir says:

      Pros: – It prevents peline cancer Penile cancer is extremely uncommon. It is actually more likely for a man to get breast cancer than it is to get peline cancer. Also, circumcision does not prevent peline cancer. Only about 1 in 1,000,000 circ’d males each year get it compared to 3 in 1,000,000 uncirc’d males. The difference is not statistically significant.- It reduces the risk of certain STDs. Reduction does not equal prevention. Circumcised men can and do get/spread STDs like HPV and AIDS every day; it is NOT a substitute or even a supplement to safe sex practices.- It reduces UTIs. Yes, by a whopping 1%. And how many guys do you know who have ever had a bladder infection anyway? I’ve only known of one male to get a UTI and he was circumcised.- It will help prevent other infections because it is cleaner. The cleanliness of an individual, and therefore the number of infections that person is susceptible to, is mostly a result of their personal hygiene habits, not the presence/lack of a foreskin.- Some medical professionals (at least in the US) do not know how to properly care for an intact penis and may give you incorrect information (such as to forcibly retract the foreskin before it is ready) and this could lead to infection or other problems.Cons:- The foreskin is a functioning part of the penis with over 20,000 nerve endings.- There could be complications from the procedure such as removing too much skin, adhesions, infection, or even death.If you can’t come to a decision, I believe that you should have the final say because you know what it’s like to care for a foreskin and as you say, you haven’t had any problems. Besides, if your son isn’t happy with his foreskin, he can always make the choice to have it removed at a later time.

      • Chastan says:

        Great post. I would add, one of the reasons ppolee argue for circumcision is to justify what they already had done to their own sons. To think they were doing the right but painful thing, and then have it come out everywhere that it was actually not right well, that’s painful. The honest response would be to admit the new information and change your mind, but some ppolee cannot do this, and they get angry when anyone argues against circumcision. It’s sad, and I feel bad for them, but not too bad, b/c it is possible to just admit that you would not make the same decision again. My mother-in-law publicly admitted her mistake to her five sons and all their ladies, and it was amazingly courageous.I also feel bad for babies like my new nephew he will be the only circumcised boy in his generation of the family, and he is going to see that other boys are just fine with their foreskins. The cat is out of the bag, and I think there’s going to be a lot of angry young men in 20 years.

  10. Impossible is nothing says:

    Let´s spread the word. All over the world. All of us who have been mutilated and are unhappy about it have the same wish. Foregen must succeed. 200 000 dollars is not that much if we all work together. Inform your doctors and everyone you can. We have to remember that we have nothing to be ashamed of.

  11. James says:

    I also was uncircumcised until age 15 or 16, and then got it done because no one was smart enough to persuade me otherwise. Even the doctor didn’t tell me all the details. Now, I just want to die every single fucking shitty day of my life. I hope these people succeed, and quickly, because I can’t continue like this for much longer.

    • Slick says:


      I’m sorry you knew what it felt like to have a foreskin and then tricked and it taken away. I often wonder how I would react it that was me but I dont know what I have lost and think its better for me that way. I heard they sell our foreskins for other research its shameful!

      • Luiyoll says:

        No, parent’s soldhun’t get to make this choice. Sorry. You soldhun’t get to mutilate your child just because he’s too young to remember. There is absolutely no medical reason for circumcision. None. Not at All. Even the medical community has come out against it. We need to start treating babies and children as people with rights, and they have a right not to be mutilated when there is no reason for it. If they want to do it themselves later, that is their choice, but no one should get to make that choice for them without their consent. Period. This is not a decision that can be undone. And, while there is no medical reason for doing it, there are TONS of negative effects of doing it.What if this was little girls we were talking about? Because this happens in many cultures to girls for just as many stupid justifications. And the world is up in arms about it. But boys? Nope, it’s ok to do it to them. Sorry, it’s a double standard. And, to have it done to your children without anesthesia and to leave the room because it’s too painful for you? Shameful. If you’re going to make that decision to have your child’s most sensitive area cut without anesthesia, then you damn well better be in the room. Not only to share the pain of the experience, but also to comfort your son. If it’s too painful for you to watch then how do you think it is for that poor little baby?I don’t think anyone should do it for religious reasons, either. But, I suppose I’d be willing to allow that exception. But sorry, the days of parental choice on this one should be over. And any medical professional that is still claiming there’s medical need for it is obviously not current on the medical research. Nature doesn’t give us body parts we don’t need and we need to quit pretending it does.

    • Sonia says:

      Devil’s advocate here, I have no kids and so no horse in the race as it were but, does that mean we shuold make FGM legal? It’s also done for religious/cultural and hygene reasons. We (U.S. WASPY judeo-christian cultural we)may find them abhorrent but that dosn;t lessen the similarities to circing boys culturaly. If it were done in clean antiseptic environments where risk if infection or botched procedure and only lessened a girls chance of future pleasure just a little (like male circ), why not legal FGM? This is purely for debate, I know that FGM in most of it’s forms is horrific (I would never support it being legal here) and that most male children who are circed go on to live normal lives without too much lost from their sex/fertility ability(though someone up thread did bring up that circing lowers sensitivity of the glans quite a bit, that would be due to keritinization of a body part meant to be naturally lubed by smegma and covered up). The health benefit to most men in this country is small, as HIV is not rampant here, though it is the one benefit. As to UTIs if girls can keep it clean so can boys. We don’t cut girls labia off to prevent those. There has been a movement to allow ‘ritualized’ FGM doen by doctors to satisfy the cul;tural and religious need by pricking a girls clitors to draw blood but nothing more, and this is met with general outrage as it’s still seen as unacceptable. I am trying to figure out why it’s ok for one sex and not the other, but I think not of the cultural mindset of understanding the need of either makes it very hard for me to support them. I have issue with outlawing male circ in our culture simply because it’s so ingrained I think it needs to fade out of fashion rather than be legislated. People will do it ANYWAYS as FGM and illegal abortions have proved. So I am not sure how this law is useful. Especially if you can hop on over to Oakland or San Jose to get it done. sorry for the tl:dr but this is what came to my mind when reading this and I wanted to throw it out there.

  12. Andrey says:

    I am from Madagasca and here too, circumcision is done during infancy. I als wanted to ask some of you who have been cut at a teenage age. Does it relly make a difference to ahve a foreskin? If so (I think it does), how is it different? Thanks.

  13. jiaojie says:

    I am one of the victims, I come from China, I desperately desperately wants to establish Chinese website, set up a China’s support, because China’s many victims, I’d like to donate money, but, I don’t know how to do, English is not good, I hope this technology immediately, immediately implement,I can’t wait. I hope I can see immediately the foreskin

  14. Camel says:

    I’m intact, and I find the whole idea of mutilating peoples penises very disturbing.
    It is a horrific violation of human rights, the doctors are quacks and doing it for profit, and you are losing the most enjoyable part of your penis.

    I’d say a foreskin is about 10x as sensitive as your lips. Sex is smooth and the feel of a lifetime.
    This is horrible and I have total empathy for anyone who has suffered from this.

    Will definitely be donating, not for myself, but for the victims of this insanity. People need to be more vocal in opposing circumcision. If people would argue in public, stand up, put the circumcisers to shame, shame them for their greed and ignorance, and harm they are causing. If male circumcision was violently opposed like female circumcision, progress would happen rapidly.

    Take a page from the gay rights movement, they have been very successful in combating oppression.

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