2010 Trial Postponed

The Clinicial Trial projected for 2010 cannot yet take place as in the last 6 months we
have not raised the sufficient funds we need for a trial and in addition the further advice
received from scientific and medical professionals has made us realize that our original
plans were not ambitious enough and that we need to contact all major scientists in this
field to have a better chance of achieving the desired results and it is also likely that we
will need some lab-based research before a clinical trial takes place. A trial will still go
ahead when the necessary funds have been raised and when an appropriate trial likely to
produce the results that we want ie. the regeneration of the male foreskin is selected.

57 Responses to 2010 Trial Postponed

  1. Josh says:

    Why? Vincenzo, I have to say, I feel this is a regrettable and bad idea and I think will end up being a mistake. *Cattivo*. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the extracellular matrix trial plan as it is currently envisioned. And we have already raised many thousands of dollars just in these past several months, already we are almost one-tenth of the way there. A large donor or publicity from celebrity exposure could easily get us the rest of the way to $100K soon. Postponing now, I don’t think is needed!

  2. Foregen says:

    Foregen has been in touch with regenerative medical institutes since 2009;
    early projections given to us by those institutes were incredibly positive .
    But ,as our research continued in 2010, and we obtained more opinions from a more diverse group of regenerative professional, those projections were shown to be less and less realistic;
    As such, foregen now understands that it will be impossible to achieve the results it had hoped for by 2010. It now understands that a supervised research project into skin regeneration in a University setting needs to be completed before clinical application can occur. This is the only way it will achieve a better result.

  3. L says:

    I actually think doing university research in a lab first is a great idea. I believe in you foregen!

  4. valmont says:

    We are all prone to be overoptimistic at some point…however, let’s pretend that the funds were not an issue (to a certain degree), do you think that the technology will be available in the near future or do you think it will take decades before we get there and are able to regenerate foreskin type tissue?

    Thank you Vincenzo for your efforts,
    Best regards!

  5. Anthony says:

    Your efforts are greatly respected. I truly believe that this will become a common medical procedure. I would do ANYTHING to have my body intact once again, so I can put these feelings of being mutilated and sexually abused to rest. I always wonder what pleasure I am missing out of by being circumcised. Before I was an opponent of circumcision, I always thought “something was missing,” until I came to realize “aha,” part of my penis was hacked off when I was too young to consent. Vincent, We need this. I will donate more when I have the available funds, how much have we raised so far. Are we close to our goal?

  6. Brice says:

    I hope that 2011 brings good things for foregen. Maybe a company or a private sponsor can help reach the goal of 100k and everything will work out. I will continually post the link for donations. I am excited to see that the once dream for regenerative medicine is soon to be true. My only hope, if I don’t make the trial, is that the overall expense won’t be too great afterward for those of us who are not fortunate enough to make the study.

  7. Russell says:

    This is going to remain a pipe dream until someone who is very wealthy and not happy about their missing foreskin makes it happen. He will have to have a very strong desire for the regenerated tissue and the money to take a chance on this. The profit potential is staggering for the aspiring business man. IMHO even an uncut man would be wise to invest in this project. Foregen is a great idea, but profit drives the world and all developments, positive and negative. Foregen needs to have a for-profit brother corporation who talks dollars and cents to people who invest in biotech business. With the multi-billion dollar sex business including boner pills, creams and lotions, pumps, toys, etc. as evidence, people aren’t shy about spending money on sex. Would people pay $5,000 for a procedure that will enhance his and his partner’s enjoyment beyond all of their wildest dreams? Possibly even more than their brain can process due to neural atrophy caused by missing nerve endings? I think so. I would go as far as to say that insurance would pay for it to reduce their own spending. A lot of counseling, anti-depressants, viagra, stress related conditions, and possibly prostate cancer (ok, that’s my own theory. Unexpelled toxins due to incomplete orgasm and ejaculation. Don’t quote that) could be eliminated with sexual health and emotional intimacy restored to the masses. This can happen. We are victims of a mass hysteria, as brutal as the witch trials and much more prevalant than FGM in Africa and other places. Somebody who reads this knows someone who knows another guy who works for a venture capital company or is loaded and looking to invest some of their money in a what can be a great business model. Lets make this happen…even if it takes a mexican clinic to do it. Sometimes you have to go rogue…its been shown time and time again. When the IRS finds out they can make a fortune on it, it will be moved to the express pile for approval. Foregen people, if you want to talk you have my email address. Spread this freely, please. Someone will read it and be inspired.

  8. Kota says:

    To the president.
    It is unavoidable to handle the sponsor. Everyone thinks of this. And, please return youth immediately. For the victim. The effect sent all over the world is had both in the advertisement. It is a shortcut where people in all parts of the world are saved.

  9. Wesley Robertson says:

    I saw this news article recently: http://uk.health.lifestyle.yahoo.net/sodium-used-in-tissue-regeneration.htm

    Looks like it may offer a new option for foreskin regeneration. Check it out.

  10. L says:

    Come on Foregen, we haven’t heard from you in almost two months!!! Please give us an update! This project of yours means a lot to us…

  11. Sam Spaiser says:

    I agree with L. It’s my birthday today. I’ve turned 20. How about a birthday update?

  12. doc h says:

    this is very disappointing and expected as even the publicity and the website itself were anemic. the networking and approach were poor too.
    i sincerely hope the monies donated did not go the wrong way as donors were not enlightened about balances and expenditures. but giving up now is guaranteed to bury the project for another generation.
    i had suggested contacting doc anthony atalla for the science part. as for the funds, one motivated mildly wealthy person could have easily come up with the sum. !! therefore the project was poorly marketed to say the least. but this is the time to re do the whole approach and not simply fold and give up as it not only is depressing but also feel like a betrayal of our collective inner dream for sanity and restoration body and soul.
    i say you hand it over to more experienced marketers and negotiators, team up with all the anti cutting organizations and get everyone interested to get serious by providing some motivating incentive psychological, religious or otherwise.
    less than 20% of the world commits this cutting atrocity but they are wealthy enough and connected enough to cow even the US into discarding stupidly or in ignorance their most pleasurable anatomical god given nature given structures. my gut feeling is that this project was crushed also by religious zealots of at least 2 very powerful and wealthy mutilating religions that either are swimming in oil or dominate the US medical world. as such they would easily consciously or unconsciously crush this project by raising the requirements or falsifying the scientific info by exaggerating the required time frame or saying the technology was not available. but in reality the basic technology is available already and with good science the time needed may not be much at all. for unwitting victims of this madness of the hordes, political correctness is not a good excuse to give up on our deepest dream of regaining what was butchered ,worse than rape!
    get your act together or hand the project over to someone who can work it for all of us. this is too precious to fizzle so silently into oblivion.
    as a donor i wish to know where the donations stand now. as a victim and healer i feel it is a betrayal to succumb so easily without even a whimper. we were taken to the heights of expectation and anticipation and the suddenly…nothing but a bunch of unconvincing excuses to fold over!
    i suggest using our donations to publicize and spread the word intelligently and go viral online instead of this sluggish empty website. at least then you will get more donations and stand the chance that some wealthy guy or a handful of wealthy people throw a couple of nice bucks into this very very monumental project that should not be laid to rest now or ever. did you know that bill gates is said to support the mutilation madness. maybe some other tycoon or a rival of the ill hearted dark soul gates would fund the saner more humane and healthy and life loving project or restoring to victims their integrity and happinees and reverse also the emotional damage and traumatic rape of the male(and female) organs of deepest fulfillment and pleasure.

  13. doc h says:

    There seems to be a growing mis-guided pro-circumcision movement that have clung on to some reports that male circumcision seems to provide men some level protection against HIV infection.

    I was a even more disturbed to see Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation giving this strategy increased credibility.

    I remember groaning the first time I heard this, because it does seem there are a LOT of people who every few years seem to find new reasons to basically preach what I think is really just a form of mutilation.

    I don’t want to turn this into a big “pro/anti circumcision” discussion. There are plenty of other sites that do that.

    But instead – I’m worried that promoting circumcision as a credible anti-HIV strategy is very flawed and potentially dangerous.

    Telling a man that he will have greater protection if he gets circumcised, could lead to greater amount of risky sexual behavior by creating a false impression of safety. Circumcised men are still getting HIV! If Health Workers start endorsing circumcision as an HIV prevention strategy, than it might lead to a reduced use of condoms, since circumcised men might feel like they don’t need it. And there doesn’t seem to be ANY study that indicates that it offers any level of greater protection over condom alone.

    Circumcision offers NO protection for women. And over 60% of Africans living with HIV are woman. The partial protection is only seen for heterosexual men having vaginal intercourse. No studies show any protection for anal sex.

    And it’s MORE EXPENSIVE – about 95 times more expensive than condoms.

    In the Sept 2008 edition of the International Journal of Men’s Health, researchers McAllister, Travis, Bollinger,Rutiser, & Sundar wrote:

    Our findings suggest that behavior change programs are more efficient and cost effective than surgical procedures. Providing free condoms is estimated to be significantly less costly, more effective in comparison to circumcising, and at least 95 times more cost effective at stopping the spread of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa. In addition, condom usage provides protection for women as well as men. This is significant in an area where almost 61% of adults living with AIDS are women.

    Even one of the studies that “recommend” circumcision state that it will take 72 circumcisions to possibly prevent one HIV infection, and that

    “Its impact on a population level will require consistently safe sexual practices to maintain the protective benefit.”

    Translated: Circumcisized men will STILL need to practice safe sex to see any benefit. It’s like getting Lasik surgery – but you still have to wear glasses!

    With cost estimates of $40-70 dollars for a single circumcision, that seems a very poor substitute for condoms that cost about $0.02 each.

    The McAllister study estimated that agencies would have to spend about $5,844 in surgical costs to circumcise enough men to prevent ONE SIGNAL HIV infection. Meanwhile, it only takes $47 spent on condoms and education to prevent a single HIV infection.

    Plus condoms prevent MUCH MORE than just HIV, they prevent a large number of other sexually transmitted diseases, and unwanted pregnancies.

    It’s also not clear if the real link between STDs and uncircumsized men, is simply a lack of education about hygiene and sex. And much of Africa lacks access to the clean water they need to even maintain a healthy level of cleanliness.

    I’m always a bit startled by how quick people are to move towards circumcision as a strategy to prevent disease. By that logic, I am sure that I can reliably prevent a large number of the 250,000-500,000 deaths from influeza that occur worldwide each year, buy simply chopping off people’s hands. People without hands will most likely see increased protection against getting the influenza, although it won’t be 100% (Does this sound familiar?).

    But instead we actually recommend sane and reasonable preventions of the flu – washing hands and covering their mouths when they cough.

    There is already tremendous health concern that a circumcision decree made by King Goodwill Zwelithini of the Zulu tribe in South Africa – will actually lead to more men mutilated and HIV infected. A nearby South African tribe, the Xhosa, have been performing ritualistic circumcision for centuries, but health officials saw 80 death last year among Xhosa boys, whose circumcision is performed by a “traditional surgeon”. Since the same knife is used on all the boys during the ceremony, HIV is often spread by the circumcision itself.

    It’s very worrisome when institutions, with the reach and influence of the Gates Foundation, continue to give circumcision any level of credibility as a public HIV prevention strategy. It’s costly and unproven. It can be dangerous and deadly unless performed by skilled medical professionals. And it distracts from proven and inexpensive strategies that are saving lives now

  14. doc h says:

    i just googled the above article about gates. my search was ;gates circumcision.

  15. A C says:

    All my life I have felt incomplete and not a man because of the mutilation done to me at birth. The feelings of hopelessness are overwhelming. If this can be made to happen and I would be back to the way I was before they destroyed me I would do anything to make it happen. This brings me hope however I know that I’ll probably never see this happen in my lifetime.

  16. Rich says:

    That’s negative thinking, homey. Put some money where your mouth is. Infant genital mutilation is just TOO fantastical to be believable. It is the root cause of every addiction, perversion and borderline personality disorder at the very least and I think the root of ALL evil. The broken homes, the ruined lives, the battered wives. Russell, up in comment #7, has it right, “Possibly even more than their brain can process due to neural atrophy caused by missing nerve endings”.
    Which is why most boys and girls are still in deep denial about the dirty little trick played on them at such a critical, trust developing age. I call it the perfect crime.

  17. Garrett says:

    This is really disappointing. Foregen is something that many people, especially in the States where genital cutting is common, have looked forward to. There was little attempt in publicity and little attempt to find donations from celebrities, charities, organizations, etc. A lot better of a job could be done.

  18. B. Meier says:

    I feel you all will come through and good luck with raising the funds.Please let us know when things are squared away

  19. Sam Spaiser says:

    One way we could maybe raise money is get an intactivist celebrity, like, say Ben Affleck to speak at an event, charge admission and have a sponsor’s reception where people would meet him, and he would volunteer to do the event for free in the name of Forgen. I think he might be willing to do something like that since he was circumcised while doing a movie and was extremely angry about it, and he’s a HUGE name. We should be thinking BIG like that. My student organization just raised $7,000 in a month doing something just like that, and we’re just a group of kids who are going to college and did this in our free time. I’m sure Forgen could do much better than us.

  20. rich says:

    Rather than bother about where the money will come from, keep educating yourselves about this miraculous super-science.
    I suggest you all re-read the COMPLETE Foregen website, including ALL the footnotes and sources. Increase your knowledge and the $ will follow.

  21. italian circumcised man says:

    The project is great and interesting, but let me know how it would be possible to reconstruct the frenulum with his small artery and its nerves. I also think it would be useful to read the text on this site in different languages for dissemination to a wider audience. To give more credibility to the project would also be helpful to name names of urologists and surgeons interested in supporting it.

  22. Kyle says:

    Sad to hear that the trial can’t begin this year. At the risk of sounding a little dramatic, in some ways a lot of mens’ sexual well-being rests on the success of the research that Foregen is conducting. Information gives us hope, so please keep us updated on any future developments. Good luck!

  23. Jerry Williams says:

    I am one of millions that did not have a say so in my foreskin being chopped off. We come in this world as a healthy baby boy and if it is not broke, it does not need to be cut off. Ever man should have the right to say, I want what I was born with and I have the right to have it grown back using this new foreskin restoration. I have sent my donation in and I hope other men will send a donation and support this cause. I know that there are some multi millionaire men out there that can support the cause and make a big difference in the foreskin restoration project. Let all us men be united in this cause to regrow our foreskins back. Thanks to all those that has donated like me to help the cause. I am on disability and don’t have much money,but I sent my donation for the cause. When I was born I was a twin in 1947 and was only four pounds and my brother was 5 pounds, and was six weeks early. The doctor still had no mercy on us and chopped the foreskin off. The doctor told my parents that it was the new health procedure to do and talked them into letting him do his dirty deed, and get his extra money for the chop job. What a bummer. Please send your donations and fight for the cause. Thanks

  24. Morgan says:

    Can’t a walk be done or a fundraiser?

  25. Anthony says:

    I think if we all donate a small amount of money, we could come much closer into reaching our goal.I know we are in a recession, and I don’t think that a one time $50 donation is much a price to pay if it is going in the development of a possible medical procedure to reverse circumcision 100%. So, if you haven’t made a donation, please do so. Even if it is as little as $5.00, donate as much as you can to a good cause!

  26. Aeon says:

    I’ve received a pay rise from work and will dedicate that money to Foregen at the end of each month, just donated the first anount. The work Forgen is doing is really helping with my mental illnes, just the hope that one day I could me myself again keeps me from thoghts of ending it all. I work very hard and am due to another raise early next year – this will also be donated. I keep telling myself my situation is not final – please keep that hope alive Foregen.

  27. Rob says:

    Foregen, I love what you are doing here. I just want to say, don’t give up. I hope, just as many others here do, that you can help break new ground in the field of regenerative science, and help men like me and these others return to them what was once rightfully ours, and was taken from us without our consent.
    I currently am not in the financial situation to donate to this great cause, but I assure you that when I am able to, I will help support this program.

  28. Morgan says:

    We really need to raise the money. If 40,000 people or circumcised men even, were to donate 5 dollars to foregen, we’d reach 200,000 dollars. What we need to do is advertise ie through info, word of mouth, youtube comments and vids, etc. Foregen shuld also hold a fundraiser or fund dinner. Starting one is easy http://www.ehow.com/how_6247480_arrange-fundraiser-benefit.html

  29. North says:

    I’m a bit confused. Do you see a realistic chance of regenerating a foreskin in a clinical research project within the next year for the budget given ($100,000) or not?

    If not, is the budget then unrealistic, or is the science simply not there to support the purposes of foregen yet?

  30. Foregen says:

    According the first american project it won’t be possible,according the CHUV it takes two years and the budget is 200,000$.
    But , let me explain my personal opinion,
    i think there is already a kind of specific technique that coud be made in few months,
    the issue is, how much the doctors consider this technique?They simply do not consider foreskin a priority.

  31. North says:

    $200,000 is not a large sum of money as far as research goes. Most of the time the price is in the millions of dollars.

    Plus two years is a short timescale.

    So raise the money and call the lab’s bluff.

    What foregen (the org) needs now is a professional fundraiser. Charities are based on them. They solicit donors, talk to them, convince them. It’s sales really. It’s a necessary part of this sort of thing. The key is to recognize when you need their special skills.

    When it comes time to convince the lab, you may need a lobbyist. Academics can usually be persuaded by a combination of research funds and the ability to demonstrate their technique. If foreskin regeneration works, they would be better placed to move on to hearts and fingers, which I think is what they really want to be doing.

  32. Steven Anderson says:

    This concept of cell cloning growth is simply amazing. Call me a more than willing participant who hopes this procedure can someday be a simple 1-day trip to your clinic. Both my foreskin and my frenulum have been completely removed without my consent at childbirth, I ask that this procedure can restore my original body, and clear my mind of years of hating my dry hypospadias messy penis I’m stuck with. It still works, at young teens an inflamed testicle was removed, I dont want that back infact remove the other and ment scrotum skin into foreskin.

    I can pee standing but there is a downward spray, usually messy

  33. Anthony says:

    it doesn’t matter what the “priority” of the doctors are when we present them with money to conduct the clinical trial. Regardless of how they feel about this issue, they will still be getting paid and will be helping the lives of thousands who do care. I can see this becoming a groundbreaking, must do surgery of the year it comes out as a operative or surgical option. It will make the news all over. “New medical research has conducted a clinical trial now leading to an operation that can undo your circumcision.” People who had the surgery on the news would talk about how much sensitivity was gained, and people will be skeptical…… for a while, until more and more people become aware of the lack of sensory feedback they have as a result from a mutilative procedure that was preformed on their penis as a neonate. We are writing history, as we could change the way America feels about circumcision forever! If a man could have a chance at being able to experience his sex organ to its fullest extent, that would be a miracle, thankfully possible with clinical research. Keep up the good work foregen

  34. Kyle says:

    “But , let me explain my personal opinion,
    i think there is already a kind of specific technique that coud be made in few months,
    the issue is, how much the doctors consider this technique?They simply do not consider foreskin a priority.”


    Let me just offer my encouragement during this process of working with labs, doctors, etc. I’m sure a project like this can be frustrating to launch, but with perserverance I hope the outcome we all desire can be achieved (and, with luck, sooner rather than later). I can’t describe how excited I would be to have the chance to participate in any future trial that may be the first step toward sexual restoration for millions of men. I’m still relatively young (29 years), and I would like to think that with the restoration procedure I could have many future intact years to come.

    I’ve sent in another donation, though I know it’s probably only enough for a sandwich and a coffee (well, depending on where you get your coffee, I guess). Please continue working hard, and let us know how things are going.

    By the way, Wired magazine recently ran an article about an American doctor who is trying to use regenerative techniques to restore lost breast tissue in women. Let me try to paste the link:


    It’s a good read for anyone interested in the field of regenerative medicine.

  35. Alex says:

    I’m going to donate a small amount of money $5-10 dollars canadian into the project for every payday, just doing my best to help out.

  36. Foregen says:

    Thank you very much Alex.
    This is a small personal sacrifice and a great example.
    If all the people i know ,wouldn’t waste their time in stupid and useless polemics, and would have followed your example,we would have already started our research.

  37. Ron says:

    I was so excited to have found the clinical trial that Foregen is pursuing. I thought, “finally, I can get back what God wanted me to have in the first place”. I’m like a lot of circumcised men who feel that they were mutilated at birth and were victims of societal pressures.

    Not long ago,I asked my mother why she and my father had me circumcised. She said that the Dr. didn’t ask her if should or shouldn’t. The Dr. and/or hospital circumcised me and mutilated my body without my parent’s consent. I have never fully enjoyed sexual pleasures, because almost all of my nerves were removed. I’ve read that one way to comprehend the difference in penile sensitivity is to lightly run your finger across your other palm. Then turn your hand over and do the same to the back of your hand. Guys, just try it and then you’ll see what we all have been missing for years.

    This study is crucial in restoring not just our manhood as God gave to us, but also restoring the soul of those who’ve been mutilated at birth.

    I was happy to donate to this study, but was deeply saddened when I read the latest news that it was postponed.

    Has Foregen thought about bringing this whole issue to light by having the topic discussed on 20/20, Dateline or one of the other news programs? This would definitely get the word out.

    Please do not give up !!!

  38. Foregen says:

    Thanks for the encouragement !!
    If the doctor circumcised you without your parents cosent,you can still sue that doctor or hospital.
    Ask David J Llewellyn or Steven Svoboda,they will help you.
    watch this video , This is David

  39. ham says:

    The idea of being able have the 4skin back just blows my mind, and at the science of matrix is like that light bulb in the head!of course this will work,lets get it “crackin”!

  40. For those who want to advertise for foregen here are some methods:

    1) Yahoo answers – answer circ questions and include the foregen url in resources
    2) Youtube – comment on intactivists pages and videos
    3) Word of mouth – tell everyone
    4) Brainstorm on tlctugger’s foregen thread – Enzo of foregen knows of this

  41. j w park says:

    99% of Koreans have been circumcisided, and don’t know their circumsion was unfair. I didn’t know it too about
    3 month ago.
    I think Foregen when everything around me goes sad,
    and I will pray and always think about my missed foreskin.
    In korea, it is likely that men always want to sex.
    Because of their missed foreskin.
    Please do your best our missing korean.

  42. ATFMAN says:

    I subtitled the video tsr swiss french, 2005.
    then in English with google translation
    I know if the result is correct ??

    English subtitles
    french subtitles

  43. Anthony says:

    anything new foregen?

  44. Jad says:

    Anything new guys? it seems that people have lost their enthusiasm. I definitely did not!! we need an update guys! and we need to know how to encourage more people to donate. it is such an important event and it should take place soon in order for as to have the choice to regain what has been taken from us without our consent. please give us more info.

  45. S Anderson says:

    I read that in Massachusetts you can sue for haven gotten an unwanted circumcision, and you can also sue for hypospadias repair. I want to regrow my foreskin for that reason.

  46. Morgan says:

    Once again for those wanting to help foregen raise it’s money go on YouTube and comment on videos regarding circumcision with info on foregen and a link to foregen.org

  47. guezt says:

    Someone should sell tee shirts, where (some or most of) the proceeds go to Foregen. Tee shirts with edgy or funny slogans like “I Want My Foreskin Back!” might be popular with college age males? Just a thought.

  48. Derek says:

    A scientific advisory board has joined foregen, these are some big names in regenerative medicine and doctors of Intactivism.


    This is a giant step forward and gives all the more reason to donate and be optimistic!

  49. Morgan says:




  50. Morgan says:

    eration informers Good news everyone Foregen has raised $10,000 out of $200,000 needed for the clinical trial. It’s thanks to all of its supporter donations! If 190,000 circumcised men donated $1 to foregen it could launch the clinical trial today! Donate now , even if you can only donate a dollar because every $1 helps!

  51. At any given time, there are only 3 classes of UR-TH humans allowed to keep there foreskin: The super poor; because they are not a threat, the super dull; because there are so many, and the pre-mature; because there are so few. Perhaps now, boys and girls, you can see the enormity of the struggle we face.

  52. Marc says:

    when I was 6 year old I had trouble urinating. my parents took me to see the local doctor. they said he will only look at my pipi. next thing i know i was screaming with pain. the dr name was Spanbauer. this was the beginning if the road of shame.

  53. #hartson23[IPIIGIIPIIII] says:

    Hi – I am definitely glad to find this. great job!

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