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Blair, Foregen Supporter

The idea that I could possibly have my foreskin back fills me with a rush of emotions that I can’t even put in to words. I might then feel like a human being who actually has rights and some control over my life.

Alex, Foregen Supporter

I am reaching out to Foregen in hopes to repair all the damage that was wrongfully done to me as a child.  I grew up believing that my circumcision was done out of necessity.  Only when I grew older did I begin to realize that it was unnecessarily done to me by a careless doctorContinue Reading

Russell, Foregen Supporter

Thank goodness you have not given up.  I can’t believe how almost no one seems serious about doing something about circumcision.  I don’t know how you can stand all these “men” whining all the time and then not being willing to do anything about it.  The only thing I can figure is that they haveContinue Reading

Karl, Foregen Supporter

Alot of people think Foregen is a scam, but I know it is not a scam.  I have never met you in person, but we have interacted online for many months.  Since I am personally affected by circumcision I can tell just by reading your posts that you are genuine just like me.  After 2Continue Reading

Andrew, Foregen Supporter

I’ll admit it… At first, I thought this was just another anti-circumcision site with the usual biased facts like all the others.  I thought, as a circumcised male, I’d just be reading the same old ranting about how better it is to have a foreskin.  I just felt embarrassed that I was missing out, andContinue Reading

John, foregen supporter

I was never able to achieve an orgasm through intercourse.  I realized something was missing but didn’t realize it was my foreskin until now.  I first tried extenders, which work for their purpose, but didn’t add any satisfaction on my end during intercourse.  I saw there were hundreds of guys like me then I realized the lengthContinue Reading

John, Foregen Supporter

I have, subconsciously, always known that there was something wrong with me, and would love to be whole again

Simon, Foregen Supporter

I will continue to donate what I can to this cause, as it is very dear to my heart. I was circumcised at birth without my consent. I have experienced serious complications as a result, both physical, emotional and psychological. It is my dream to one day regain what was taken from me. This isContinue Reading

Andrew, Foregen Supporter

Thank you a thousand times over for working to make my dream a reality. Please continue to work toward restoring a human right and biological necessity for a satisfactory sex life for all circumcised men.

Ian, Foregen Supporter

If we as a nation wake up and demand what was stoled from us, we can have the most amazing sexual experience known to man, in the very near future . That’s my motivation!