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In December of 2013, we completed our first experiment at the University of Bologna’s School of Veterinary Medicine in Italy. This marks the first real step towards our ultimate goal of foreskin regeneration! It has been a long journey getting … Continue reading

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Major Announcement!

We’ve been hard at work trying to make foreskin regeneration a reality. Our first major experiment has just completed and we’re working on the report now. We know there are many people who are anxiously awaiting progress on the regenerative … Continue reading

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Foregen’s stance on foreskin restoration

Many of Foregen’s members and visitors are currently committed to a foreskin restoration program.  One of the most common questions Foregen receives is whether or not their restoration will affect their future prospects of regeneration.  Unfortunately, Foregen will not be … Continue reading

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Foregen and the Future: A New Direction

There is a tremendous unrealized demand for foreskin regeneration around the world, particularly in countries such as the United States where the circumcision rate is high.  Since our founding in 2010, Foregen has received the support and appreciation of men … Continue reading

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Latest Update – Foregen’s Scientific Progress

Firstly, we would like to thank all the kind and generous people who donated during our very successful fundraising campaign in the run up to July.  We would also like to acknowledge everyone who continues to support us in these … Continue reading

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OVER $35,000 RAISED! We have achieved our first goal!

We are very pleased to announce that foregen has reached our first goal and succeeded in raising $35,000!  Not only that, but we achieved this milestone almost six weeks ahead of our project deadline.  This news means that the initial experiments into … Continue reading

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501(c)(3) Non Profit Status Achieved

Foregen has been a non profit (onlus) in Italy since April 2010. We are extremely happy to report that in addition to the Italian non-profit status, Foregen is now officially a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States.  This status … Continue reading

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Foregen Forums

  Like many other sites you may visit, Foregen uses online forums to allow our visitors and members to post questions and discuss issues which relate to Foregen. What you may not know is that Foregen uses two different forums, … Continue reading

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An interview with Nickolas Kusturis, a major Foregen contributor

Foregen:Hi, can you introduce yourself? Nickolas: My name is Nickolas Kusturis and I live in Canonsburg, Pa (about 25 minutes south of Pittsburgh). I really didn’t know what circumcision actually was when I got it done because growing up in … Continue reading

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Stephen Badylak on “Regenerative Medicine: Possibilities and Potential” at Singularity Summit 2011

Dr. Stephen Badylak  is a professor of surgery at the University of Pittsburgh, and he’s the deputy director of the McGowan  institute for regenerative medicine. He began his career at Purdue University in 1983, and has practiced both veterinary and … Continue reading

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