Board of Directors


Vincenzo Aiello


Enzo, world-renowned for restoring ancient Roman mosaics and creating new ones, contemporary artist Vincenzo Aiello founded Foregen in 2010– the first company of its kind that promotes foreskin regeneration with stem cells. Two years later, he extended Foregen’s 501 c(3) status to the US. As a visionary man with extremely high standards, it took Enzo four years to find the right scientists for the job. Now that he has enlisted the right people, Enzo is confident that Foregen, if funded properly, can achieve foreskin regeneration within five years.

Carlo Alberto Cirioni

Carlo Alberto Cirioni

Vice President

A philosopher and anthropologist, Carlo Alberto Cirioni is a religious scholar and interpreter of ancient Biblical texts. Carlo is a longtime friend of Enzo's and as the vice president, he helps lead the creative direction of Foregen and is a visionary in his own right.


Eric Clopper


Known as a fiercely independent thinker, physicist, rugby player, and project manager, Eric represents Foregen as the company’s spokesman. After graduating summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa in physics and economics from Colgate University, Eric entertained a brief stint in the corporate world as a healthcare consultant at Epic. Now he splits his time between his job at Harvard University and soliciting publicity and funding for Foregen.


Peter Benson

An East Bay graphic designer, Peter is the team’s resource for many of their visuals, infographics, and aesthetics. Peter has worked within the public and non-profit promotional sphere for many years, devoting much of his design work to organizations within the LGBT and Women’s services arenas, as well as for other multicultural rights groups. With a background in print and fabrication, Peter is using his experience in semiotics, signs, symbols, and branding to translate one of the most stigmatizing topics on the planet into an approachable platform. Genital integrity deserves representation that is dignified so that all who seek such reparations can feel safe, comfortable, and proud to do so. Career Profile.

The Board of Directors call on assistance from The Scientific Advisory Board for their input in scientific and medical matters.

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