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Simon, Foregen Supporter

I will continue to donate what I can to this cause, as it is very dear to my heart. I was circumcised at birth without my consent. I have experienced serious complications as a result, both physical, emotional and psychological. It is my dream to one day regain what was taken from me. This isContinue Reading

Stephen Badylak on “Regenerative Medicine: Possibilities and Potential” at Singularity Summit 2011

Dr. Stephen Badylak  is a professor of surgery at the University of Pittsburgh, and he’s the deputy director of the McGowan  institute for regenerative medicine. He began his career at Purdue University in 1983, and has practiced both veterinary and human medicine. Over the last 20 years, and initially in animals, Dr. Badylak has pioneeredContinue Reading

Andrew, Foregen Supporter

Thank you a thousand times over for working to make my dream a reality. Please continue to work toward restoring a human right and biological necessity for a satisfactory sex life for all circumcised men.

Ian, Foregen Supporter

If we as a nation wake up and demand what was stoled from us, we can have the most amazing sexual experience known to man, in the very near future . That’s my motivation!