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Charles, Foregen Supporter

I am circumsized and I absolutely hate and despise it. It was a violation of my rights and I am disgusted to be part of a society that routinely mutilates the genitals of children. To be able to regrow my own actual foreskin is a dream I could not possibly hope for more.

Daniel, Foregen Supporter

Thank you for beginning this initiative.  Although most people could care less about it, it’s something very important to me.

Simon,Foregen Supporter

Thanks once again for the work of both yourself and the rest of the benevolent souls at Foregen.

Foregen’s advertising campaign begins in Chico, CA

Foregen has unveiled the first billboard in its advertising campaign, starting in Chico, CA.  The billboard confronts the key human rights issue with circumcision, whether the individual ever gave permission for such an operation.  But it also makes motorists and passersby aware that there is a solution.The billboard also coincides with reaching $20,000 in donationsContinue Reading

Simon, Foregen Supporter

I just wanted to say, like I’m sure many others have, that you gentlemen are giving me and millions of others hope for a better future. You are giving me and millions of others the chance to experience the human right of having an intact body. This I believe says it all. Keep doing theContinue Reading