Monthly Archives: November 2011

Justin,Foregen Supporter

Foregen is a blessing as it gives me hope, I have already begun to donate. Thank you so much for the work you do.

Theo,Foregen Supporter

I was circumcised as a baby and its not just the physical “something missing” but a feeling of something missing, and something wrong that its missing. –

Adam,Foregen Supporter

I feel I lost something without even having the chance to choose. I would want to be part of the clinical trial.

Richard , Foregen Supporter

I made a donation of $100 USD and plan to continue my patronage until this procedure is available to everyone who wants it.

Matthew,Foregen Supporter

I think it’s wonderful that you are working to allow people to become whole human beings as our DNA intended.

Robert, Foregen Supporter

I was circumcised as a day old infant but grew up in a house where all adult males were not. I have always wanted to regain my foreskin but until recently, thought that same was not possible. I have begun a restoration program with limited results. I would be most happy to participate in anyContinue Reading

Stephen, Foregen supporter

I’m interested in participating in this to hopefully gain back what should have never ever been taken fom me so early in life for not just reasons.