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Stephen, Foregen supporter

Upon discovering foregen last night, my initial reaction was crying for happiness that such is being done, and I would like to offer myself as subject to help further this field of study, that hopefully one day will be a redundancy, but gives a glimmer of hope to men such as myself, butchered at birth.

foregen’s Doctors discuss Regenerative Technology

As you may have already noticed, foregen has set up a scientific advisory board consisting of doctors who specialize in areas of of tissue biology, pediatrics, and are proponents for genital integrity. More information about foregen’s staff can be found under the “our people” page here: The members include Drs. Cinzia Marchese, Robert Van Howe,Continue Reading

Stephen, foregen supporter

I think it’s great what you and Foregen are doing for so many men like myself; victims of an operation they never wanted.  Even though the goal will take time, it will be well worth the wait.

Luke, foregen supporter

I want to say thank you for your monumental work and vision.

Joseph, foregen supporter

I am so happy that this is happening. This organization is great it has inspired me. Thank you all so much. I wish there was some grand way I could thank you. You have changed my outlook. Thank you so much for all of your efforts.

Joshua, foregen supporter

I would like to congratulate you on the amazing and important work that you are committing yourselves to.

Michael, foregen supporter

At 57 years old I’ve lived my whole a life time without my foreskin and I would very, very much like to have it back.

Alex,foregen supporter

I want to thank you for recognizing the need of males who are unhappy about being circumcised. This is particularly commendable because so few people are truly aware of the impact the surgery has on male sexuality.